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MILO – Dare to Differ

At MILO, we're not interested in fitting in. We're here to celebrate diversity and help you express your true self with our bold fashion statements. Say goodbye to mass-produced fashion. Life is too short to be boring, so let's turn the sidewalks into runways and DARE TO DIFFER!

We're rebels at heart, constantly pushing boundaries and redefining the fashion game. We believe everyone deserves to feel valued and extraordinary, no matter who they are or how they choose to rock their outfits.

All our Designs are designed and handmade with full passion in Bondi, Sydney Australia. Our materials are locally sourced in Sydney and we use e a lot of fabric leftovers to be as sustainable as we can be.


Get ready to unleash your unique style and explore the bold side of fashion with MILO by Michelle Loraine.

Designer Michelle Lorain creating a new designer bag

Say goodbye to the ordinary and join us in embracing the wild, the unconventional, and the beautifully different.

Free shipping

over $100, on Australian orders

over $200, on international orders

Designed & handmade in Bondi, Sydney. All our materials are locally sourced and most of the fabrics are deadstock of other brands.

All our Designs are limited editions.

Designer bag kept on a stone in Bondi Beach with ocean background

Get 10% OFF on your FIRST purchase

We're excited to get you onboard in style!

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